Morse code on the back of the Google IO shirt? Oh, yes.

I just had a chance to look at the thanks-for-coming-to-google-io t-shirt that they hand out when you register and sure enough there was something interesting on the back. Let's take a look...

Here is the Morse code on the back:

.... - - .--. ---... -..-. -..-. --. --- --- .-.-.- --. .-.. -..-. .- ....- -.-. -.... ...-- ----.

Which converts to:

Which is basically the hex code for androids very own nifty shade of green. That short url goes to:

Now go download some android apps! Thanks for the fun, Google.


Another Virtual Market

Today, Google released details about their Android platform market. Following Apple into the new world of mobile application distribution, Google presents a familiar competitive offering. This is great news for the consumer who will now benefit from having two major technology providers providing markets for mobile applications. Competition is good for everyone. Their offerings will only evolve to provide all of us a better class of service.

I wrote about the merits of new markets a few weeks ago. We are truly living in a new age of quickly shifting technology. These new services mark the transition from ubiquitous wired computing to ubiquitous wireless computing.